Sri Lanka Travel Guide

Sri Lanka Travel Guide

Sri Lanka is definitely a perfect tourist destination, as it has more than two thousand years of history, shining Buddhist civilization, unique architecture, distinct culture, stunning idyllic scenery, and endless coastlines. Check out our travel guide, and you may learn some tips and ideas on things to do, the top attractions to see in Sri Lanka, the best travel seasons, and so on.

Sri Lanka Travel Essentials

Popular Destinations in Sri Lanka

  • Sigiriya
  • Colombo
  • Kandy
  • Galle
  • Nuwara Eliya
    Nuwara Eliya
  • Bentota
  • Mirissa
  • Yala

Must-Dos in Sri Lanka

  • Climb Sigiriya Lion Rock

    Sigiriya, or Lion Rock, is one of the most stunning historical sites in Sri Lanka. It is not the rock itself but the remains of a complex fortress, including several gardens with ponds, canals, alleys, and fountains. The climb to the top takes about 1.5 hours. The first few stairways are easy to climb. You can find some caves and small platforms along the way. As you keep rising, the Mirror Wall, one of the most impressive aspects of Lion Rock, can be spotted. Now, the wall’s plaster is gone and painted with poems left by visitors. Continue ascending through a narrow spiral staircase, and you can experience views of several intriguing frescoes, which are probably the highlight of the stop. The climb to the top is worth it. And a magnificent landscape is waiting for you.

  • Take a Train Ride to Ella
    The Kandy to Ella train ride is the most wonderful train ride in Sri Lanka. Board the train and experience amazing views of misty mountains, endless tea plantations, steep cliffs, magical valleys, picturesque stations, colorful tuk-tuks, and bustling towns. The wind whipped through doors and windows to tease your hair in the carriage. Dangling your feet out of the open doorway and watching the tracks blur by, seeing families waving goodbye to each other, and eating spicy snacks with lovely children. You arrive seven hours later in Ella. Despite the fact that the train travels very slowly, there is a real sense of comfort to be felt on the train.
  • Relax on the Stunning Beaches

    Sri Lanka is famous for its numerous beautiful beaches. Every year, tourists from all over the world come to explore the best beaches in Sri Lanka. The tranquil blue water, the beautiful mangroves, the magical marine animals and the mysterious underwater world make people linger and forget to return. Besides, the beach is also a great place for people to relax. Appreciate the gentle breeze of the waves on the shore, listen to the beautiful song of the ocean, and watch the ancient forts. There is a sense of true freedom and peace while relaxing on a beach. If you are a sports lover, surfing and diving are also excellent activities to do.

  • Visit the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic

    The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic is one of the most important Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka. Walking to the temple, a building with white walls and a red spire is displayed in front of you. You can see many devotees travel from across Sri Lanka to visit and give offerings. The biggest attraction in the temple is Buddha’s tooth which is kept in the sacred shrine room. The room opens a few times a day. You can watch the drummers wearing traditional Kandyan clothing perform rituals but can’t see the tooth itself. Despite the tooth, exquisite Buddha statues, sparkling Buddha lanterns, and elegant murals inside the temple are also worth watching.

  • Explore the Tea Estates in Nuwara Eliya

    Nuwara Eliya is the best-known tea-growing district of Sri Lanka with its impressive lush green tea plantations. It is a relaxing activity to taste teas of different flavors like Ceylon tea, apple tea, and cinnamon in a beautiful tea garden. Learn something about the history of local Ceylon tea while tasting delicious refreshments. Watching the intricate production process of world-renowned Ceylon tea is also an intriguing experience for you. You will see how tea is dried, pressed and produced, and various equipment in a factory. In addition to enjoying the stunning scenery of the tea plantation, another must-do thing is, don't forget to pack some local teas for your families and friends to have the perfect experience of Sri Lankan tea at home!

Ideas for Sri Lanka Travel

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