Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Winner 2023
Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Winner 2023
Private Guided Nepal Tours

Nepal Tours

Private & Bespoke | Ancient Temples, Fine Trekking, and Himalayan Glacier

Why Travel to Nepal

A tour of Nepal is always enthralling, as you can have so much to explore in this small country. You can immerse in the centuries-old temples and stupas in the medieval city squares of Kathmandu Valley and experience the breathtaking views of the Himalayas on a trekking tour to Mt. Everest or other spectacular mountains in the Himalayan region. For wildlife lovers, the exciting jungle safari in Chitwan National Park is perfect, while a tour to Lumbini to learn about Buddha's life and the development of Buddhism is enlightening. Take our private and customized itineraries to begin your Nepal adventure now.

    CAPITAL Kathmandu
    CURRENCY Nepalese rupee
    LANGUAGE Nepali

Nepal Private Tours 2024 & 2025

All of our Nepal sample tours are the best ones for you to explore this nation's charisma. Pick a sample tour & tailor-make it to your needs with our 1-on-1 travel expert.

South Asia Tours Including Nepal

Have an interest in a multi-destination package that includes a visit to Nepal? There is a collection of tour packages that can offer you some inspiration. All are private itineraries and can be bespoke for you.

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Why Private Tour

Premium Travel Experience & Lifetime Memory
  • Everything is Crafted Around You
    Everything is Crafted Around You

    For private tours, you will have complete control over your itinerary arrangements: when to travel, where to go and stay, what to eat, how many days to stop, and what special experiences to include, etc. You even do not need to spend time knowing about the destinations in advance. All you have to do is tell our travel expert about your ideas and needs, and she/he will craft an ideal trip package special for you.

  • Travel with More Freedom and Flexibility
    Travel with More Freedom and Flexibility

    A private tour gives you more freedom and flexibility while traveling because the tour guides and car transfer services are only for your private group. You don't need to consider the needs and time of other travelers as in group travel. You can decide to spend how long to explore the attractions while touring, whether you want a short visit, more time to immerse yourself in the sites, or some optional amazing experiences.

  • Premium and Lifetime Travel Experience
    Premium and Lifetime Travel Experience

    On a private tour, your local guide will take care of every detail of your travel so that you can focus on having fun at the destination. Avoid the crowd and get the best tour experience, share more insight into the behind story, show you more highlights in less time, and more. And you don't need to worry about safety issues, even if you are traveling alone. A private tour also offers you more privacy for some special anniversaries or other occasions.

Top Places in Nepal

The Kathmandu Valley, located in the Himalayan foothills, is home to Nepal's three most important ancient cities: Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur. Most tourists begin their Nepal adventure here, exploring each city's Durbar Square for World Heritage Sites and learning about the country's glorious past. Walk through the chaotic streets, talk with friendly locals, and see traditional hand-crafted artworks. The Kathmandu area is not only known for its historical architecture, but also for its simple and honest folkways, which draw a large number of tourists.
  • Pokhara
    Spending a few days in Pokhara to enjoy its stunning outdoor activities is a popular choice for many. The famous Phewa Lake is an ideal place for experiencing boating and rafting. Paragliding, ziplining, and bungee jumping are also available in Pokhara Valley for those who are looking for a thrill. Of course, visiting the Sarangkot viewpoint at sunrise for a panoramic view of the Annapurna range is a must.
  • Chitwan
    The Chitwan district is well-known for the Chitwan National Park, which is a must-see in Nepal for getting up close and personal with the wildlife. Many endangered species live here, including the one-horned rhino, Gaur, and Royal Bengal tiger. Take a safari and follow your guide to find wild animals, and see if you are lucky enough to see those rare animals.
  • Nagarkot
    Nagarkot is a must-see for those who do not want to trek to Mount Everest but still want to see the mountain. Nagarkot is well known for its breathtaking Himalayan views. In Nagarkot, you can choose from a variety of resorts in various styles. On a clear morning, look far into the distance and you will see the highest mountain on the planet.
  • Everest Base Camp
    How can a hiking enthusiast visiting Nepal pass up a visit to the Everest Base Camp? Mount Everest trekking has two base camps, one of which is in Nepal at an elevation of 5,364 meters. Seeing snowy mountains, mystical monasteries, and Sherpa villages along the way is an unforgettable experience. However, consider your physical condition carefully before taking on this challenge, as it is more than just a stroll through the park.
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