When to Visit Taj Mahal?

I personally agree that an India tour is incomplete without a visit to Taj Mahal. Located in Agra, a city constituting the famous Indian Golden Triangle sightseeing route, the monument is a memorial of love full of myth and unparalleled beauty.

Taj Mahal opening time

Daytime: sunrise to sunset every day (06:00 am to 06:30 pm) except Friday. 

Every Friday the Taj Mahal is closed and only accessible in the afternoon for Muslims to attend prayers. 

Nighttime: 08:30 pm to 12:30 am.

The night view of the monument is only available 5 days a month: the full moon night and 2 days before and after that day, except Friday and on the month of Ramadan (Ramadan in 2019 will last for 30 days from May 6 to June 4 ).

Taj Mahal, Agra (Photo: Gene Tobia)Taj Mahal, Agra (Photo: Gene Tobia)


Taj Mahal remains open on Holi Festival.

The tickets for the night visit must be purchased 24 hours beforehand at the booking center of Archeological Survey of India (address: Agra Circle, 22 The Mall, Agra).

Every night only 400 visitors are allowed in, there is also a restriction on visiting duration on night viewing, which is 30 minutes at maximum.

Best Time of the Day to Visit the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is a dynamic image with different beauty as the sunlight alters its color during the day, so technically you can make a visit at any time of the day.

However, sunrise is the best time as the monument is like a blooming flower when the twilight gilds it with pink color. Moreover, if you visit the Taj Mahal in the early morning, you can not only avoid the heat but also the crowds. For those people in pursuit of some perfect shots and don’t want to wait too long, getting up earlier can be very rewarding.

If you are not a morning person, a sunset visit is also a nice choice. The temperature becomes cool after the scorching afternoon and the monument is surrounded by soft silver light. Usually, there are more visitors at sunset than at sunrise. Patience is necessary to capture some good pictures.

If you happen to be in Agra on the full moon day or 2 days before/after, a night visit to the Taj Mahal is also available. Unlike what you see in the daytime, the silhouette of the structure against the dark sky and moonlight is full of peace and magic.

Taj Mahal at Sunset (Photo: Ebru Perera)Taj Mahal at Sunset (Photo: Ebru Perera)


There are 3 gates to enter, namely Western Gate, Eastern Gate, and Southern Gate. Southern Gate is open from 08:00 a.m., so remember to use the other 2 gates if you want to visit the structure at dawn. 

If you enter via Western Gate, you'll have to go through a large stretch of woods to reach the building where you may encounter many monkeys in the morning, don’t show any snacks or food to them.

Entrance Fee for Taj Mahal



Cost (Rs. /Person)





Citizens of SAARC or BIMSTEC countries


Children below 15


*An additional Rs. 200 is required for visiting the main mausoleum.


No additional ticket is required to visit the Taj Museum inside the complex.

With tickets, foreign visitors are offered free bottled water (500ml), shoe covers, Tourist Guide Map of Agra, and Golf Cart Service.

There is strict security checking at each gate, and lots of items like foods, tobacco products, liquor, knives, wire, mobile chargers, electric goods (except cameras), Tripods, etc. are all not allowed in; or will be confiscated or charged a fee, so better consult your tour guide or look through the board of prohibited items beforehand.

Taj Mahal , AgraTaj Mahal , Agra

Weather in Agra & Best Visit Time

Influenced by a semi-arid and subtropical climate, Agra is dry and extremely hot and the temperature is usually above 40℃ in April and June. Some travelers may suffer heatstroke and dehydration due to the severe heat.

From July to September Agra is in monsoon season, when a lot of rain is expected and the road conditions and sightseeing environment become awful.

The best time to travel to Agra should be in the wintertime, namely from October to December and February to March. Generally speaking, moderate temperatures and clear weather during this season offer the most comfortable conditions to travel around Agra.

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