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Why Private Tours

Reasons to book a private tour rather than a group tour

"Should I travel in a group or is it worth booking a private tour?"

This might be the question that arises every time you travel. If you’re still hesitating between a private tour and a group tour, let’s see what private tour can offer to you.

Travel Style
Private Flexible itinerary designed around your interest, need and budget. You decide where to go, when to go and where to stay.
Group Your itinerary can not be changed. You may have to visit somewhere you are even not interested in.
Group Member:
Private Only you and your family or friends. Especially convenient if you are traveling with kids or elderly people.
Group Travel in a large group, with strangers you may dislike.
Tour Service
Private You personal tour guide will focus on your needs and is on hand to make sure you get the most out of each stop.
Group The guide belongs to everyone in the group; you could easily miss explanations during the tour.
Driver & Car:
Private Private and comfortable car with your own driver who is always ready to transfer you to the next destination.
Group Van/bus with other group members. You often need to wait for other people to show up for departure.
Private The choice of hotels is up to you. We can suggest hotels with good location and price.
Group Contracted hotels.
Private The choice of restaurants is up to you. Take the chance to try some local restaurants if you want.
Group Eat at designated tourist restaurants that serve the same dishes and dine with strange group members.
Travel Consultant:
Private Your personal travel consultant is at your service 24 hours per day during your travel. You will not feel alone with Odyssey.
Group Not available.
Private Affordable price ensuring unforgettable travel experience; no forced shopping.
Group Seemingly cheaper; but often with more shopping stops which entail extra expenses and less sightseeing time.
Private Group

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