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Our Team

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A travel expert who knows South Asia & India well can be very handy if you are planning a tour to India & South Asia, as this has never been an easy task considering the land's vastness, cultural differences, and language. Our experts travel to South Asia for field trips regularly, their firsthand knowledge about destinations can always offer you a unique insider's angle to the land you are traveling to.

To best aid your tour plan, you will have your personal travel expert and all your inquiry emails will be answered within 24 hours. Moreover, during your tour in South Asia, your travel expert is always just a phone call away to make you feel confident and secure. He or she will be consistently making sure your tour is delivered as planned. View some warm reviews about our travel experts:

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  • Alick Peng
  • Allison Chiang
  • Ander Zou
  • Bruce Peng
  • Cathy Hou
  • Christal Yao
  • David Tan
  • Don Li
  • Eric Kong
  • Forest Wu
  • Gina Liu
  • Joan Qin
  • John Hu
  • Joyce Chen
  • Joy Peng
  • Kristy Ho
  • Laura Li
  • Leila Deng
  • Lily Guo
  • Liz Ling
  • Lynn Liu
  • Maple Zheng
  • Mollie Qin
  • Mia Wang
  • Max Yang
  • Monica Mo
  • Nikki Xia
  • Owen Zhou
  • Queenie Yang
  • Sherry Zhang
  • Sunny Xie
  • Rosie Ye
  • Reinself Wei
  • Terry Zhang
  • Tom Zhou
  • Vivian Young
  • Wade Wei
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Traveling to South Asia?

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