Paro Tshechu Festival 2014 on April 11-15 in Paro

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The Paro Tschechu will be celebrated on April 11-15, 2014 in Paro, Bhutan, which is one of the grandest and the most popular Tschechu in terms of participants and audience. 

In the first day of the five-day festival, several sacred rituals will be held in the courtyard of Paro Dzong; on the rest of the days, some interesting celebrations will be held in an open ground; on the last day, an enormous Thongdrol, a wall-hanging with the religious images of Guru Rimpoche on it, will be shown before the dawn and blessings will be given. 

During the celebration, one of the old traditions, the mask dance, will be performed by monks in monasteries and by monks and village men dressed in colorful costumes jointly in remote villages in order to represent Guru Rinpoche and celebrate the great things he had done in his life. Almost all local people wearing their finest attire and jewelry will get together to watch the mask dances, colorful Bhutanese dances, receive blessings and join in other recreational activities, and also enjoy butter tea and barley alcohol. 

It's said that, to receive blessings and wash away sins, one must join in a Tschechu and watch mask dances at least once in a lifetime. In fact, quite a lot of tourists from across the world are attracted to visit Bhutan and Paro during the festival to learn about Bhutan’s unique ancient culture, and experience a colorful, exciting and memorable tour.

Information about Tshechu:

Tshechu is an important religious festival celebrated by all communities in Bhutan on the tenth day of a month of the Tibetan lunar calendar to commemorate Guru Rimpoche who introduced tantric Buddhism into Bhutan. But the exact month to celebrate the festival varies in different years and places in Bhutan.

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